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Standalone Indigenous Degrees

Indigenous Justice

This training will provide an opportunity for professionals in the justice/correction field to gain more cultural sensitivity and knowledge in relation to justice and the Indigenous population they serve.  

Learners can expect to bolster their cultural toolbelt and become trauma informed. Canada has been missing the mark when it comes to meeting the needs of Indigenous communities in many realms, justice included. Justice for Indigenous peoples is synonymous with healing. This includes reconnecting with culture, languages, territories, and medicines; repairing relationships and building capacity within communities. Justice for Indigenous peoples is not about “punishment,” the traditional method of deterrence for corrections; instead, to effectively serve Indigenous peoples and communities, justice workers need to hone their skills and become knowledgeable regarding the population they serve including the methodologies that are proven to deliver results.  

The Indigenous justice micro-credentials are specific to the sector and will contribute to overall wellness in Indigenous communities by upskilling current justice-sector employees and providing skills and competencies to prospective workers who are traditionally underserved by postsecondary education. 

Proposed courses* include:  

  • Turtle Island History
  • Land Based Learning
  • Diversity of Indigenous People
  • Foundations of Indigenous Law
  • Working Effectively with Indigenous Clients
  • Policy and Impacts

Micro-Credential Interest/Question Form


* This program is still in development.  Final course offerings are subject to change.