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Land Based Learning

This training will Immerse learners in land-based learning facilitated by an Elder. Through a series of self-reflections and activities about personal values, assumptions and beliefs, participants will learn how Spirit can enrich our lives and inform how we approach the work we carry out. The two-day, in-person delivery will utilize a land-based, circle facilitated approach, to emphasize the relationships we create amongst ourselves and all of Creation and how we can bring a good mind and walk in a good way on Mother Earth.

*Please Note: Limited delivery options available. Please contact jordanm@fnti.net. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Connect to land through introductory level ceremonies.
  2. Describe how learning from the land can impact people in a holistic way.
  3. Describe ways in which this type of land-based learning will inform and impact your professional work in the future.