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Terms and Privacy
FNTI meets with Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Suzanne Brant, President of First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI), would like to thank and acknowledge the Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister ... Read More
Friday, June 2

Conditions of Use

Considerable effort went into preparing the information and materials on this site. We do our best to keep the information correct and up-to-date, however, FNTI and its agents shall not be held liable for any damages, however caused, by errors or omissions that may have occurred in the preparation of these pages.

In addition, FNTI bears no responsibility for the statements made by its employees and students.

Privacy Statement

FNTI is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information and may be used and/or disclosed for administrative, statistical and/or research purposes of the institute and/or ministries and agencies of the government of Ontario and the government of Canada, including, but not limited to, tabulating and reporting data on key performance indicators (graduation rate, graduate employment, graduate satisfaction and employer satisfaction).

FNTI is required to report student level enrolment-related data to the Ministry Colleges and Universities. The Ministry collects this data, which includes limited personal information, such as student characteristics and educational outcomes, in order to administer government post-secondary funding, policies and programs, including planning, evaluation and monitoring activities.

This information is also used for internal administrative and statistical purposes by FNTI and may be shared the Ministries/ Agencies of the Government of Ontario and/or the Government of Canada. Information will also be shared with third party service providers who are retained by FNTI to provide services to students or act as agents of the institute (working in accordance with privacy guidelines, confidentiality agreements, and/or non-disclosure agreements). By consenting, you are authorizing FNTI to use your personal information for processing your application, acceptance or registration as well as payment collection, research, taxation, student insurance and/or funding purposes.