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Diversity of Indigenous People

Using the four cardinal directions as a compass for learning, this micro-credential challenges the "Pan Indigenous" concept by offering learners the opportunity to explore Indigenous knowledges across Turtle Island. Learners will critically examine how differences in geography and the landscapes of homelands impact values, beliefs, thoughts, aims and actions. Exploration will begin in the East, where learners will investigate the traditional knowledge and culture of the nations of the Eastern Woodlands. The journey will continue to the nations of the South, followed by those of the Pacific Northwest, finishing with the Inuit and Dene Nations of the North. Learners will use their learning to assess, evaluate, and challenge commonly held perceptions of Indigenous peoples.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore the concept of 'Pan-Indigenous' throughout the justice system. 
  2. Identify a variety of impacts the process of assimilation has had on Indigenous peoples in Canada.
  3. Examine Indigenous cultural approaches to justice in each of the four directions of what is considered 'Canada'.