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Have questions? Contact FNTI and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Main: 613.396.2122

Toll-Free: 1.800.267.0637

Recruitment Inquiries: 613.396.2122, ext. 141 or recruitment@fnti.net

Staff can be searched by name, or filtered by first name using the alphabet menu below. Staff members can also be located by clicking on department names.

Akey, Brandi
Digital Marketing Coordinator - brandia@fnti.net , ext. 310
Nikki Auten, Tayohseron:tye
Faculty - Standalone Programs - nikkia@fnti.net, ext. 142
Barberstock, Stephanie
Student Success Facilitator - stephanieb@fnti.net, ext. 143
Bear, Sarah
Student Success Facilitator - sarahb@fnti.net, ext. 144
Beaver, Shari
Vice President, Enrolment Management and Student Services - sharib@fnti.net, ext. 122
Bolton, Diane
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - dianeb@faculty.fnti.net, ext. 123
Brant, Dustin
Facilities & Maintenance Lead - dustinb@fnti.net, ext. 153
Brant, Julie
Program Manager, Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work - julieb@fnti.net, ext. 136
Brant, Suzanne
President - suzanne@fnti.net
Bruyere, Gord
Curriculum Development Consultant - gordonb@fnti.net, ext. 293
Butcher, Shannon
Program Manager, Bachelor of Indigenous Justice - shannonb@fnti.net, ext. 207
Carr-Braint, Betty
Faculty, Standalone Programs - bettyc@fnti.net, ext. 193
Caudle, Cara
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - carac@faculty.fnti.net
Chambers, Charlotte
Student Success Facilitator - charlottec@fnti.net, ext. 166
Cobbett, Kayla
Director, Student Success and Service Delivery - kaylac@fnti.net, ext. 157
Crate, Shannon
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - shannonc@faculty.fnti.net
Dalgliesh, Julie
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - julied@faculty.fnti.net
Dam, Julie
eLearning Trainer/Developer - julied@fnti.net, ext. 158
Diefenbaker, Abby
Faculty -- Partner Programs - abbyd@faculty.fnti.net, ext. 296
Doreen, Sherry
Facilities Assistant - sherryd@fnti.net, ext. 159
Fawcett, Jennifer
Interim Academic Dean, Stand Alone Programs - jenniferf@fnti.net
Garland, Billy
Post Secondary Teacher, Aviation - billyg@fnti.net, ext. 202
Gelinas, Joanna
Cultural Advisor (Term) -- Partner Programs - joannag@fnti.net
George, Joel
Digital Media Content Manager - joelg@fnti.net, ext. 160
Gonneau, Irene
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - ireneg@faculty.fnti.net, ext. 198
Hagen, Tsiokeriio
Student Success Facilitator - diiob@fnti.net, ext. 167
Hay, Larry
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - larryh@faculty.fnti.net
Helmer, Joyce
Stand Alone Program Advisor - joyceh@fnti.net
Hodgkinson, Christine
Placement Coordinator - christineh@fnti.net, ext. 165
Hopkins, Adam
Senior Vice-President, Academic - adamh@fnti.net, ext.151
Huston, Geoffrey
Flight Instructor - geoffh@fnti.net, etc. 169
Isaac, Cecil
Cultural Advisor (Term) -- Partner Programs - cecili@fnti.net, ext. 171
Isaac, Spencer
Learning Strategist - spenceri@fnti.net, ext. 172
Jackson, Victoria
Program Manager, Micro-Credential Programs - victoriaj@fnti.net, ext. 173
Ka’nahsohon Deer, Kevin
Lead Cultural Advisor - kevind@fnti.net, ext.147
Kechego-Nichols, Shauna
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - shaunakn@faculty.fnti.net
Key Jr., Amos
Program Advisor - amosk@fnti.net
Kowalewicz, Bronwen
Educational Developer and Curriculum Lead -- Partner Programs - bronwenk@fnti.net, ext. 174
Kring, Janet
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Vice-President, Academic - janetk@fnti.net, ext.145
Langlois, Chantal
Faculty -- Partner Programs - chantall@faculty.fnti.net, ext. 175
Leadbeater, Doug
Director, Aircraft Maintenance Operations - dougl@fnti.net, ext. 288
Lefort, Will
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - willl@faculty.fnti.net
Lickers, Ashley
Program Manager, Indigenous Midwifery - ashleyl@fnti.net, ext. 228
Loft, Blaine
Program Advisor - blainel@fnti.net
Loft, Mark
Information Technologist - markl@fnti.net, ext. 126
Loft, Natalie
Operations Officer, Finance - nataliel@fnti.net, ext. 176
Lomax, Jay
Faculty -- Partner Programs - jayl@faculty.fnti.net, ext. 177
Lott, Alicia
Student Success Facilitator - alicial@fnti.net, ext. 164 (On Leave)
Low, Jennifer
Financial Aid/Records Clerk - jenniferl@fnti.net, ext.139
Lyon, Rebecca
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - rebeccal@fnti.net, ext. 209
Maracle, Alanna
Programs Coordinator - alannam@fnti.net, ext.162
Maracle, Allyssa
Operations Officer, Finance - finance@fnti.net, ext. 132
Maracle, Annette
Registrar Assistant - annettem@fnti.net, ext. 138
Maracle, Colin
Student Success Facilitator - colinm@fnti.net, ext. 178
Maracle, Jamie
Interim Manager of Human Resources - jamiem@fnti.net, ext. 179
Maracle, Jamie Lyn
Student Success Facilitator - jamiel@fnti.net, ext. 230
Maracle, Jordan
Manager of Marketing, Recruitment & Collaborative Partnerships - jordanm@fnti.net, ext. 156
Maracle, Kimberly
Flight Dispatcher - kimberlym@fnti.net, ext. 206
Maracle, Randy
Manager, Facilities and Maintenance - randym@fnti.net, ext. 131
Maracle, Susan
Chief Financial Officer - susanm@fnti.net, ext. 127
Maracle, Teyonehrahtawénrye Ashley
Academic Dean, Standalone Programs - ashleym@fnti.net, ext. 180
Maracle, Tracey
Student Success Facilitator - traceym@fnti.net, ext. 140
Marche, Shawn
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - shawnm@faculty.fnti.net
McDowell, Matthew
Manager, Data Collection and Institutional Analysis - matthewm@fnti.net, ext. 146
McEwen, Caleb
Executive Assistant, Standalone Programs - calebm@fnti.net, ext. 181
Mersereau, John
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - johnm@fnti.net, ext. 215
Mignault, Sarah
Registrar - sarahm@fnti.net, ext.137
Millar, Pete
Chief Flight Instructor - peterm@fnti.net, ext. 253
Moe, Erin
Academic Dean, Partner Programs - erinm@faculty.fnti.net, ext. 212
Monague, Neil
Cultural Advisor (Term) -- Partner Programs - neilm@fnti.net
Morrison, Lindsay
Student Success Facilitator - lindsaym@fnti.net, ext. 294
Mould, Lauren
Student Success Facilitator - laurenm@fnti.net, ext. 217
Neegan, Kathy
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - kathyn@faculty.fnti.net, ext. 214
Neveu, Helena
Cultural Advisor (Term) -- Partner Programs - helenan@fnti.net
Nuro, Klejda
E-Learning Systems Administrator - klejdan@fnti.net, ext. 292
Patton, Charlie
Cultural Advisor (Term) -- Partner Programs - charliep@faculty.fnti.net
Pepall, Abbey
Pathways Coordinator - abbeyp@fnti.net, ext. 182
Pepall, Alicia
Acting Manager, Integrated Experiential Learning Office - aliciapepall@fnti.net, ext. 183
Perry, Christine
Executive Assistant to the President - christine@fnti.net, ext.148
Petitti, Daniella
Flight Instructor - daniellap@fnti.net, ext. 184
Pitawanakwat, Randy
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - randyp@faculty.fnti.net
Reilly, Cecelia
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - ceceliar@faculty.fnti.net, ext. 218
Riley, Sara
Faculty -- Partner Programs - sarar@faculty.fnti.net, ext. 187
Smart, Brenda
Placement Coordinator - brendasmart@fnti.net, ext. 295
Somerville, Tina
Enrolment and Liaison Coordinator - tinas@fnti.net , ext. 141
Speers, Jason
eLearning Trainer Developer - jasons@fnti.net, ext. 290
Stewart Findlay, Cathie
Director - Government Relations and Communication - cathief@fnti.net ext. 124
Stonefish, Brent
Cultural Advisor (Term) -- Partner Programs - brents@fnti.net
Sweeney, Julie
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - julies@faculty.fnti.net
Tabobandung, Jo-Anne
Dean of Aviation - joannet@fnti.net, ext. 226
Tabobandung, Raven
HR Advisor - ravent@fnti.net, ext. 191
Teekens, Steve
Cultural Advisor (Term) -- Partner Programs - steveteekens@gmail.com
Turner, Lee Ann
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - leeannt@faculty.fnti.net
Turriff, Greg
Manager, Systems and Support - gregt@fnti.net, ext.130
Vautour, Joanna
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - joannav@faculty.fnti.net
Madison, Weese
Faculty (Term) -- Partner Programs - madisonw@faculty.fnti.net, 192
Whalen, Lorrie
Executive Assistant to the Academic Dean, Partner College and University Programs - lorriew@fnti.net, ext.186
Wilks, Susan
Program Manager, Bachelor of Education, Indigenous Languages Specialization - susanw@fnti.net, ext. 163
Wrightman, Elaine
Cultural Advisor (Term) -- Partner Programs - elainew@faculty.fnti.net