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Standalone Indigenous Degrees

Indigenous Relations

Students taking the Indigenous Relations program will learn about the history of Indigenous relations on Turtle Island, and will be asked to address the contrasting worldviews that have resulted in discrimination and racism toward Indigenous peoples in Canada today.

The main objective of the Indigenous Relations micro-credential is to increase understanding of Indigenous nation-to-nation relations within Canada, while enhancing participants sensitivity and understanding of their own accountability moving forward. Additionally, we will address how participants could engage in a meaningful way as professionals from a wide variety of sectors. 

The Indigenous Relations program is divided into five, 15-hour Micro-Credentials, for a total certificate of 75 hours. On completion of all courses in the micro-credential, a Recognition of Professional Development will be awarded. 

Proposed courses* include:  

  • Indigenous Worldviews
  • Significance of Land
  • Meaning of Treaties, Agreements and Land Claims
  • Law & Jurisdiction
  • Truth & Reconciliation

Micro-Credential Interest/Question Form


* This program is still in development.  Final course offerings are subject to change.