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Standalone Indigenous Degrees

Indigenous Community Garden Coordinator

Indigenous Peoples Gardening for Food Security, Health and Wellness micro-credential program provides both practical skills, knowledge and experience to plan, develop and implement gardens for rural, remote and urban conditions in a wide variety of positions and organizations. The gardening training is based on a Two-Eyed Seeing approach using the best from Indigenous and Western knowledge. Interest in gardening has increased substantially during the pandemic to improve food security for families and communities and as extra income for making jams and jellies and small food businesses. Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations and communities are looking for trained staff to deliver programs for First Nations, Inuit and/or Metis community and organizations.  

The program is also directed as social workers and support staff in existing positions in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities and organizations who desire these skills to upskill in their current positions as communities and organizations enhance and shift to gardens as part of their program delivery. The act of gardening will contribute the physical, emotion, mental and spiritual health and wellness of participants.  

Participants will learn the basics of gardening from an Indigenous and western perspective, as well as incorporating Indigenous knowledge, foods and wisdom into local programs. The training is rooted in FNTI’s Indigenous Sustainable Foods Program designed covering gardening basics, Indigenous knowledge, sustainable food design, agricultural heritage and ecological knowledge.  

There is an immediate need for this micro-credential as organizations are looking for outdoor and land-based programming, as a result of COVID-19 for safe and secure programming. 

Proposed courses* include:  

  • Indigenous Garden History & Revitalization
  • Indigenous Garden Design & Teachings
  • Indigenous Garden Harvesting Practices
  • Indigenous Garden Administration

Micro-Credential Interest/Question Form


* This program is still in development.  Final course offerings are subject to change.