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Compost and Soil Health

This micro-credential aims to introduce the intricate nature of soil and its myriad presentations that are place-dependant. Learners will be invited to think about soil as an agential entity and offered tools to determine its composition and potential needs. Soil is alive and tending to it involves understanding it enough to promote its natural ability to thrive and remove obstacles to its vibrant health. We will explore techniques to enhance soil fertility, prevent soil erosion and promote microbial life. A particular emphasis will be offered to composting as a key method to achieve all these goals while reducing our contribution to landfills.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate the importance of a practice of reciprocity with soil to sustain its gifts, according to Indigenous epistemology.
  2. Describe who lives in soil to better value their contribution in transforming life through the earth. 
  3. Appraise soil qualities from a wholistic perspective to determine which interventions may be best suited to enhance garden health and productivity. 
  4. Understand the rudiments of composting to enhance soil health and productivity in a way that is applicable to small and medium scale gardening.
  5. Consider supplemental techniques and amendments suitable to promote soil health.