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Semester 1

ECE 111 Child Development I

ECE 118 Health, Safety and Nutrition

ECE 120 Field Placement I - Introduction to Practice

ECE 145 Guidance and Regulation

HUM 100 Interpersonal Relations

SOC 100 Foundations of Sociology

CMM 125 College Communications I

ECE 125 Observation

Semester 2

ECE 110 Language and Literacy

ECE 156 Developmentally Appropriate Practices I: Infant Toddler

ECE 115 Developmentally Appropriate Practices II: Preschool

ECE 135 Child Development II

ECE 140 Field Placement II: Fundamental of Practice

HUM 200 Group Dynamics

GENED General Education Elective

Semester 3

ECE 204 Children's Science and Math

ECE 222 Creative Arts

ECE 223 Field Placement III: Integration of Practice

ECE 227 Responsive Relationships

ECE 255 Environmental Outdoor Education

ECE 235 Developmentally Appropriate Practices III: School Age

ECE 245 Anti-bias Curriculum

Semester 4

ECE 212 Special Education

ECE 218 Administration

ECE 226 Community Advocacy

ECE 236 Kindergarten Curriculum

ECE 250 Children's Technology

ECE 228 Specialty Curriculum

ECE 265 Field Placement IV

GENED General Education Elective