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The Prophecies from Knowledge Keepers from Across Turtle Island online two and a half-day gathering is organized by Ka'nahsohon (Dipped Feather) Kevin Deer, Director of Indigenous Knowledge Quality Learning and Teaching Excellence at FNTI

This is a spiritual gathering where "Ska'nikonhra" (Our Minds are United as One) comes together to share Indigenous Nation's perspectives in dealing with today's global climate crisis with solutions for a brighter future.

Discussions will be led by Knowledge Keepers immersed in traditional ways of knowing rooted in Indigenous sacred languages, Creation stories, and traditional teachings. 

Everyone is invited to come together to learn and share Indigenous perspectives in dealing with the environmental issues of today. 

NOTE: Participants are invited to attend the gathering in part, or in its entirety, based on their availability. All are welcome!








More to Come: Information will be added as it becomes available, including dates for future gatherings.