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FNTI Testimonials

What They Are Saying About FNTI...

“The morning circle ceremony is something I look forward to every day in class. It is a meaningful way to start the day. Smudging and prayer start the day in such a positive comforting way. Classmates are more of family than just classmates. I find it so important and rewarding to learn of the Indigenous culture. I share the knowledge I learn in this course, which I think many people need to know about, Canadian history.”


- Samantha Halstead, MHA

“I love this program, it is helping me gain so many tools culturally, and helping start and further myself in my own journey! I will be forever grateful for this experience. Even though it’s been the most challenging but most rewarding experiences thus far.”


- Mikayla Brennan, CJS

“Viewing individuals capture their voices through songs, stories, prayers, etc. Warms my heart when individuals who don’t normally engage in these aloud, when they finally do – it makes me proud for them. Gaining positive friendships.”


- Anonymous, MHA


“This program has been amazing. I feel the growth, understanding, and wisdom we gained has been incredible. I am grateful for the experiences, opportunity for learning and healing. Thank you for all you do.”


- Sarah Dunkley, BSW

“There are always wonderful and memorable moments when we gather together. Learning is also being uncomfortable but wonderful as we grow and learn! I am so grateful to have been selected to participate in the BSW program. I am healing and educating myself, what a beautiful experience. Thank you for giving me this opportunity FNTI/Ryerson.”


- Amy E LeClair, BSW

“The teachings were amazing. Very easy to understand. I felt very comfortable in my group. It really feels like I am home. Miigwetch.”


- Tamara Sutherland, SSW

“My overall experience was extremely positive and rejuvenating. With the amount of work we did, I felt completely supported. Excellent program so far. I'm excited and looking forward to the rest. Great job FNTI!”


- Joanna Gelinas, BSW