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FNTI Student for a Day Registration 




Mental Health and Addiction Worker: Introduction to Substance Abuse 


Instructor - Blaine Loft 


May 21, 2020 

10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Registration for this date is now closed.

Zoom Virtual Learning Classroom


The field of mental health and addictions is highly complex. During difficult times, like a pandemic, there is an even higher incidence of substance abuse. Join this two-hour class to explore the definition of addiction; physiological effects of substances; trauma; assessment; treatment and more. Participants will also learn more about the mental health and addiction worker profession and the FNTI mental health addiction worker diploma, which is grounded in Indigenous culture and ways of knowing. 

This is a general interest class; it credentialed. Registrants will receive advanced readings to help prepare for this class and sign on instructions will be provided prior to the class time.