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FNTI Student for a Day Program

Are you interested in becoming an FNTI student? Live the experience of our unique braided teaching, healing and learning philosophy by registering as a student for a day! 

This is your chance to meet faculty and instructors, cultural advisors and student success facilitators and take away knowledge to fuel your interest. 

The program is FREE and you can sign up for as many classes as you’d like. Registrants will received advanced readings, a live class instruction and follow-up assignment*.  

*these classes are general interest and not credentialed. 


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Mental Health and Addiction Worker

Making the Best of Team Dynamics

Team interactions can be extremely fun, rewarding, empowering and challenging all at the same time. Understanding how different elements of human nature, leadership styles and self-awareness can create diverse dynamics can improve your relationships both personally and professionally. Join this session to learn more!


March 1

12-1 p.m.


Registration Closed

Social Service Worker

Tending to Our Stress Responses

We are living in unprecedented times, creating the conditions for prolonged periods of stress and trauma. Our body is hard-wired to respond to stress in very specific ways. Join this session to learn more about the body's innate responses to threats and how we can find healthy and holistic ways to return to equilibrium. Join this session to learn more!


April 6

12-1 p.m.



Early Childhood Education

The Importance of Play

The act of playing is essential to healthy childhood development. Did you know that play-based learning is crucial for children's mental and emotional health, and helps to reduce experiences of anxiety aggression and sleep problems? Join this session to learn more!


March 24

12-1 p.m.


Registration Closed


What You've Always Wanted to Know about FNTI's Aviation Program

FNTI's First Peoples' Aviation Technology -- Flight program is the only Indigenous aviation program of its kind in Canada. Join us to learn more about how FNTI prepares students to obtain a pilot’s licence or work in the aviation industry. During this 1.5 hour session you will learn about the unique Tyendinaga Aerodrome, the program's home, basic flight theory, the program's use of flight simulation, how to engineer the perfect paper airplane, and a Q & A with the whole Aviation Team.


April 14

12-1 p.m.