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University bachelor of social work Professional Master of Public Administration Public Administration and Governance master of social work

Bachelor of Arts - Public Administration and Governance


Length: 1.5 YEARS (Certificate) + 1.5 YEARS (Advanced Certificate) + 2 YEARS (Bachelor Degree) = 5 years


Delivery: INTENSIVE – One Four-Day Session Every 5-6 Weeks in Fall, Winter and Spring Semesters*

Next Intake: September 2021

Tuition: $19,899 Total* ($4,824* for Certificate, $4,824* for Advanced Certificate, $10,251* for Undergraduate)

*subject to change


The Bachelor of Arts - Public Administration and Governance curriculum is designed for current and future leaders and managers in First Nation communities, Indigenous agencies and/or organizations. Students build effective management skills and the ability to support the development of economic and political sovereignty with, and for, their communities.

Bachelor of Arts - Public Administration and Governance is a three-part program. Students can choose to exit after 1.5 years with a certificate, after 3 years with an advanced certificate or after five years with a full Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree.  

  • Certificate Stream: 1.5 years and 8 courses 

  • Advanced Certificate Stream: 3 years and 16 courses  

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree Stream: 5 years and 32 courses, including a double-credit practicum 



Click here for a list of Bachelor of Arts - Public Administration and Governance courses.

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Mature students who do not possess either diploma may apply if they are 21 years of age by December 31 of the year in which they will commence study or have been away from formal education for at least two years.

Note: You will be applying for our next Bachelor of Arts - Public Administration and Governance, scheduled to begin September 2021 (program starts are contingent on adequate registration).
*We are still accepting program applications for the 2021-2022 academic cycle, but please note that there may be some delay in processing your application during the COVID-19 outbreak. Thank you for your patience.

Bachelor of Arts - Public Administration and Governance apply here

For more information contact the Recruitment Office at 1.800.267.0637 ext.156 or email us at recruitment@fnti.net