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Discover FNTI:


Healthy, prosperous and vibrant learners and communities through transformative learning experiences built on a foundation of Indigenous Knowledge.  


To share unique educational experiences, rooted in Indigenous Knowledge, thereby enhancing the strength of learners and communities. 


Indigenous Worldviews, Knowledge and Values 

We incorporate Indigenous worldviews, knowledge and values into all of our programming and activities. 

Transformative learning 

We provide learners the opportunity to critically reflect on their own purpose, gifts, assumptions and belief systems in order to facilitate autonomous thinking, personal growth and self-determination. 

Learner Success 

We commit to the success of our learners and this drives our program deliveries, policies, as well as learner and operational supports. 


We continually evolve our programs and operations to facilitate sustainability, improvement and positive change. 


We value and practice sharing, authenticity, transparency and integrity in all our relationships.