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Applying for credits for your FNTI Canadore program is free for FNTI students!  Check out these useful links to help fill out your application.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our Pathways Coordinator at pathways@fnti.net 

Not sure if a credit from your previous education will work for transfer? Follow these steps:

  1. Find the course that you are looking to apply for within your current FNTI program and then compare the learning outcomes to the course that you took.   Canadore Course outlines are available to view here: Canadore Course Outlines  
  2. Take a look through the Canadore Transfer guide for details about how the transfer credit process works for credit-to-credit, advanced standing and diploma to degree transfer pathways. Canadore Transfer Guide: Canadore Transfer & Pathways Guide  
  3. Follow the FNTI Student Step-by-Step Guide for Filling out the Canadore Transfer Credit Application.  It’s free for FNTI students to apply so be sure to indicate on the final page that you are an FNTI student. FNTI - FNTI Student Guide for Transfer Application  
  4. Have all your course outlines and you’re ready to apply?  Fill out the Credit Transfer Application below.   Canadore Transfer Application: Canadore Credit Transfer Application 


Schedule an appointment with our Pathways Coordinator, today, to talk about your possibilities for pursuing your future educational goals at Pathways@fnti.net or pop in to one of our Weekly Sessions on Monday at noon to find out more.    

 MONDAY at 12 pm - TRANSFER AND PATHWAYS SUPPORT SESSION: https://ca01web.zoom.us/j/69935217241