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Tipi: A New Gathering Space for FNTI completed tipi

FNTI has recently had a tipi installed on the grounds of our main campus in Tyendinaga. The tipi will offer FNTI's learning community a chance to gather to learn and share various cultural and educational teachings. It will allow students to connect with creation and their surroundings. It provides a comfortable place where dialogue will be encouraged, and everyone will feel welcomed and supported. It is the hope and intention that the tipi be used as both a traditional ceremonial gathering space, and a sharing and learning space for all members of the FNTI community. Culture camps and various other cultural components of our programs will be able to be offered in this space when they commence in the fall for the 2016/2017 academic year. FNTI is proud to provide educational experiences that are learner-centred, culturally-based, and supportive of the growth and development of the individual in the four aspects of well-being, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. We pride ourselves on providing excellent student support and the tipi is a physical representation of the way in which we come together to share and learn in a way that transforms individuals or groups and promotes not only learning, but also healing. Please join in on our excitement surrounding this beautiful new gathering space. 

Wood bundle for tipi constructiontipi construction

more tipi construction