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Student SPOTLIGHT - Christine King Christine

Some of our staff at FNTI recently had the pleasure of seeing FNTI/Ryerson BSW student Christine King give a drum performance at the Resonating Voices, an event held at Ryerson University last month. After the performance, we caught up with Christine, who hails from Wasauksin First Nation, and ask her to share her thoughts and experience with the Bachelor of Social Work Program.

Q. How are you finding the BSW program?

A. “I love the program and always leave feeling enriched, enlightened and my Spirit is full. The flexibility within the class schedule makes it easier for learning and being able to work full time is a bonus. 


Q. Tell us about the program and why it is important to you?

A. The BSW program brings Indigenous knowledge to the forefront of social work learning and, not only integrating practices, but developing wholistic practices based on traditional teachings and cultural practices. 


This program is important to me because we are laying tracks down for our future based on traditional teachings, cultural practices and Indigenous knowledge. It’s also important for us to learn from and gain Indigenous mentors to help with our life long learning.

FNTI’s Bachelor of Social Work program is offered in partnership with Ryerson University’s School of Social Work. Like most of FNTI’s post-secondary offerings, the program is delivered in intensive mode, which means that students come for a full week of classes every four to six weeks. FNTI promotes Indigenous cultural practices and learning methodologies in the classroom. Click here for more info.