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SSW Student Develops Holistic Health Workshops

As part of her second-year Social Service Worker Course placement, FNTI student Danielle Lucas is drawing on her past and present to develop a series of holistic health workshops.

Lucas presented the first of the workshops to FNTI's Ohahase (New Road) students. The workshop, which centred on nutrition, was a perfect fit for students taking the Ontario Secondary Health for Life course. Lucas wanted to tailor it to students to help them with everyday food choices they make, like whether and what to have for breakfast when they are in a hurry.

The workshops will take a holistic approach to health by focusing not just on food, but on other aspects of health, like developing fitness and spiritual practices. This holistic approach is well suited to Lucas, who has experience as a personal trainer and has studied holistic nutrition. 

Lucas' is doing her placement with two Tyendinaga organizations – The Justice Circle, Tontakaie:rine at FNTI and the Good Minds Program at the Tyendinaga Community Wellness Centre. Her two year  Social Service Worker Diploma program, is offered by First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI) in partnership with St. Lawrence College.

The Ohahase Education Centre is an Ontario Ministry of Education-inspected secondary school, offering a wide range of both compulsory and optional courses from Grades 9 – 12.