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First Nations Technical Institute launches FNTI’s Enrolment & Alumni Map

(Tyendinaga, ON) February 14, 2019 – It is with great excitement that the First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI) launches their interactive Indigenous Enrolment & Alumni Map. The map, created and maintained by FNTI and superimposed on Google Maps, shows First Nation, Metis & Inuit communities across Ontario and Canada. The map provides a visual representation of FNTI's Indigenous community reach and indicates which communities have FNTI alumni and current students in attendance.

FNTI is a post-secondary institute based in Tyendinaga, Ontario that specializes in Indigenous post-secondary education. FNTI has served students across Ontario and from coast to coast to coast – including three territories and all 10 provinces.

“After 34 years of providing education to First Nation communities far and wide, we now have a tool to record our reach and engage people in a discussion about Indigenous post-secondary, Brant said. “The interactive map will promote discussion about FNTI’s Indigenous post-secondary history and our approach to community programming. It tells our story at a glance.”

The map showcases FNTI’s wide-reaching enrolment and is the first of its kind for Indigenous education.

When a user clicks on a pin, they can learn information about the community (including location and membership) and see the numbers of alumni and currently enrolled students, if any. FNTI strives for inclusivity and equity, and the map helps to visualize this success.

This screenshot of the map shows communities that FNTI has alumni (blue) and where current students are from (green).

“This mapping project illustrates our reciprocal relationship with learners, communities, and nations,” Brant said. “Learning is healing and healing is learning. FNTI is delivering Indigenous education and our communities are becoming healthier, building capacity and opening doors to economic opportunities.”

Although FNTI receives applications for academic programs primarily from across Ontario, they also receive applications to their First Peoples Aviation Technology program from across Canada. This diversity makes FNTI a welcoming place of learning for Indigenous peoples of all backgrounds.


FNTI continues to develop Indigenous curriculum. “Our new programming is in response to identified need. We listen and respond to requests from communities. Data collected informs our enrolment plan and defines programming and locations to deliver to,” Brant concluded.


FNTI aims to serve more communities each year and provide Indigenous students with the opportunity to learn in their culture and fulfill their potential. Enrolments for the 2019-20 academic year are currently open and interested applicants can find more information here.



FNTI is an Indigenous institute offering unique educational opportunities aimed at enhancing the capacity and strength of learners and communities. FNTI delivers culturally-rich post-secondary programs in partnership with several Ontario colleges and universities. Courses often offered in an intensive mode allows learners to learn while they continue to work and participate in their communities across Canada. FNTI is also located in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. For more information visit www.fnti.net, Facebook @firstnationstechnicalinstitute or Twitter @FNTInews.


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