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2016 BSW Completion Celebration BSW Completion group photot

The Bachelor of Social Work class of 2016 recently had their Completion Celebration on Weds. Nov. 16th. It was a beautiful evening of celebration through music and incredible heart-felt speeches. The BSW class had the Women's hand drumming group from Queen's University come and perform during the opening of the evening. There were several performances throughout the night by the students themselves as well. One student in particular, played the fiddle while other students and instructors danced. It was a beautiful evening to celebrate the hard-work and dedication the students have shown over the past 3 years that they've been together. The students are all very close and are like one happy family. It was amazing to witness their excitement and joy for their own accomplishments and the accomplishments of their classmates. Kristin Maracle, Educational Support Officer, did a fantastic job of organizing the evening and ensuring it was a memorable event for students and families alike. 

Congratulations on behalf of all of FNTI to the students in the BSW class of 2016! You should be so proud of your achievements. We wish you much success in your future endeavours and we hope to see you back at FNTI for your Master of Social Work. 

BSW Completion group photo 1 BSW Completion group photo 2group photo 4