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Professional Development Opportunities – Late November/Early December 2020

Professional Development Opportunities – Late November/Early December 2020

1. Intermediate Brightspace for Program Teams – 2 hours

This session will focus on adding layers of functionality, student engagement and program delivery and assessment tools to the virtual learning environment. Facilitators will use student, faculty, cultural advisor and student success facilitator feedback to support program teams in leveraging their understanding and experience with the learning management system to enhance course delivery in the virtual environment and classroom journey.

Suggested facilitators: Greg Turriff, Kayla Cobbett, Matt McDowell and Billy Garland

2.  Celebrating Success – Cultural Competency and Immersion – 2 hours

This workshop and experience will focus on the successes and collaborative efforts of the entire FNTI team in realizing learner-centred, culturally immersive and virtual learning. The session is designed to celebrate and rejuvenate the team through song, ceremony and storytelling and will focus on Indigenous ways of knowing, resiliency and culture. This professional development opportunity will bring people together to celebrate and reaffirm commitment to common goals.

Facilitators: Kevin Deer and Betty Maracle

3.  Teaching for Success – 2 hours

This peer-led panel will engage faculty members from the Fall Semester, as well as cultural advisors, and SSFs on what made their course delivery successful. The panel will be selected by the academic and student success leadership team based on positive and affirming student feedback received in course evaluations from Fall 2020 deliveries. The facilitated panel discussion will delve into the dynamics of the learning circle and seek to share best practices while unlocking the potential for the creation of communities of practice in teaching and learning.

Moderator: Adam Hopkins

Panelists: TBD, suggest 2-3 faculty members with positive student comments, paired with a well-received CA and SSF