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justice circle

The Tontakaiê:rine (It has become right again) Tyendinaga Justice Circle is an alternative for youth involved with the justice system. The program brings together victims, offenders, and families or advocates in a safe environment to discuss the offence and its effects, and then jointly decide on the best way to right the wrong. This Indigenous conflict resolution process validates victims, offenders, families, and advocates, and creates healing. The program receives referrals from police, crown attorneys, local schools, and community agencies. We are expanding Tontakaiê:rine to offer more culturally-relevant mentorship, youth events, and ongoing support for families, and are looking at delivering training to professionals in the youth services field.


Tontakaiê:rine is an alternative to mainstream court intended for Indigenous people in conflict with the law; as such the TJC aspires to provide all participants that were affected by the ‘wrong-doing’ with a positive, transformative experience using holistic circle processes.

By focusing on natural law and the importance of upholding our responsibilities as Haudenosaunee, the TJC seeks to create healthier relationships and to promote a better understanding of Indigenous identity and belonging.


“The Tyendinaga Justice Circle has recently received funding support to take on adult clients. The Adult Diversion Program is a pre/post charge option for Indigenous adults who are eligible for the program and are in conflict with the criminal justice system.

The Adult Diversion Program provides a restorative justice option for those who are eligible. Restorative justice seeks solutions which are visible, accountable and accessible to accused persons, victims and the community while repairing, to the extent possible, the harm caused by the offence and restoring the peace in our community.

Contact Information:

Tontakaiê:rine Tyendinaga Justice Circle, First Nations~Métis~Inuit Courtworker
Mark Brinklow  tf: 800.267.0637  ext. 125     cell: 613.827.5695
email: markb@fnti.net

Tontakaiê:rine Tyendinaga Justice Circle, Gladue Aftercare Worker
Teyoseráthe Crystal Haight   cell: 613.438.6967
email:  crystalh@fnti.net

Tontakaiê:rine Tyendinaga Justice Circle, Adult Diversion Worker
Michael Ferrante cell: 613.438.2040
email: michaelf@fnti.net

Tontakaiê:rine Tyendinaga Justice Circle, Gladue Writer
Ryder Sager   cell: 613.438.4674
email:  ryders@fnti.net

Tontakaiê:rine Tyendinaga Justice Circle, Aboriginal Youth Worker
Thonawayen Stephen Green   cell: 613.438.6514
email:  stepheng@fnti.net