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Program: Social Service Worker

Name/Spirit Name: Yakoliwakayu Skye Antone


Teachings & Future Goals: I went through a lot of my own healing during my time at FNTI. I just had my daughter three months before school started and I was beyond grateful that she was able to come along with me to class. When we were able to be in class, it really showed me how to be a strong woman/mom for my girl. The amount of community and belonging I felt was amazing. I did have to take a step back after my first year of SSW, and in this time I reflected on where I wanted to go in Social Work and how I carry myself reflected my work.

Taking the time to understand where I wanted to go helped me in securing my place of work and helped me to achieve good grades. I was lucky enough to pick a great placement and was able to gain employment after I finish my SSW program. I do plan on applying for the Bachelor of Social Work in 2023, but we will see where things go from here. I just want to enjoy focusing on my family, powwows, and other events that come my way!

Yaw^ko/ Miigwech to FNTI and all the teachers and cultural advisors for the best last few years a student could ask for, especially through COVID.