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Program: Social Service Worker

Name/Spirit Name: Leah Twoyoungmen/Snowbird Woman

Community: Stoney Nakoda First Nation

Teachings & Future Goals: I've learned during my time with FNTI to always be patient as I mainly struggled trying to keep on-task whilst taking care of my toddler and household.  I also learned that not everything has to be done immediately, because taking the time to carefully and patiently analyze can lead to a better outcome than rushing (as I always tend to do). Going through a pandemic in which our classes were held virtually was a struggle for us all. But I graduated with the support of family, friends and from FNTI's faculty and Student Success Facilitator, who has helped tremendously (which is an understatement). I couldn't be more grateful. My plans and hopes after graduation are to be working with other Indigenous families, who are struggling in these trying times, within the mental health and addictions area who are involved with Social Services.