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Tyendinaga Justice Circle Raising Holiday Spirits Keeping Community Connections Alive

(Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Ont.) -- Next week, the Tontakaiê:rine (It has become right again) Tyendinaga Justice Circle will be delivering Christmas hampers to its client base. 

The effects of the pandemic and the holiday season are being widely felt everywhere. At a time like this, wondering how to feed family is a stress no one should feel they say. 

The contents of each hamper have been sourced locally, and include items such as milk, butter, turkey and holiday desserts. Approximately 30 baskets will be assembled and delivered in time for December 25. 

Following the basket delivery in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and surrounding urban areas, recipients will also be invited to attend a private virtual cooking class, where recipes featuring the hamper’s ingredients will be shared and demonstrated by TJC members. 

In addition to the deliveries, the TJC team also created additional comfort and safety for a local family in need with the gift of two beds. Through the facilitation of the Justice Circle, the frames were constructed by two Indigenous residents from the Joyceville Institution.   

The Tyendinaga Justice Circle and FNTI wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. 

 About the Tontakaiê:rine Justice Circle 

The Justice Circle is an alternative for individuals of Indigenous descent involved with the justice system. Tontakaiê:rine is an alternative to mainstream court intended for Indigenous People in conflict with the law; as such the TJC aspires to provide all participants that were affected by the ‘wrong-doing’ with a positive, transformative experience using holistic circle processes. 

By focusing on natural law and the importance of upholding our responsibilities as Haudenosaunee, the TJC seeks to create healthier relationships and to promote a better understanding of Indigenous identity and belonging.