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University bachelor of social work Professional Master of Public Administration Public Administration and Governance master of social work



Length: 2 YEARS


Delivery: INTENSIVE – Students attend week-long sessions over 6 semesters 

Next Intake: SEPTEMBER 2019 in Kitchener/Tyendinaga, ON

Tuition: $14,205.42*/degree ($7,102.71/year)

*subject to change 

Aboriginal Master of Social Work (MSW) ne Onkwehón:we tsi ní:yoht tsi tehatiká:nere né:'e yorihwahrón:ken.

Yakwanyén:te ayakwakwatá:ko ne social work rotiyo'ténhstha né:ne rontena'tón:ni tsi roti'nikonhrayén:ta's táhnon ratirihwakwenyénhstha ne Korahró:non Onkwehón:we rotikarakayòn:serons táhnon tsi nihotirihò:tens. Kí:ken yonteweyenhstáhkwa enhontyà:taren ne Onkwehón:we Rotikstén:ha, Onkwehón:we tehonathwe'nón:ni tsi tehatihtharónnyon, táhnon Onkwehón:we yoterihwahtentyà:ton. Ronteweyénhstha enhóntken'se táhnon enhontahsónteren tsi yotón:ni raonatónnhets táhnon ahotiweyénhsten ne Onkwehón:we nihotirihò:tens, tsi tyonaktényon, táhnon tsi rotiyo'tényon. Yonteweyenhstáhkwa ateryen'tarà:tshera tsha'tenkaténhstate ne ratiweyentéhta's tsi ronterihwayentérha's táhnon tsi na'teyotonhwentsyóhon áhontste Onkwehón:we nika'nikonhrò:ten tsi rotiyo'tátye.

Kí:ken enwá:ton ayontyà:taren tóka' ó:nen yakotohétston tsi yonthyatonhseraweyénhstha né:ne Bachelor of Social Work ratina'tónhkwa. Tehotirihowayenawà:kon tsi shakotironnyén:ni ne Wilfred Laurier Yonteweyenhstahkwa'kó:wa né:ne aó:wen Tsi Kanyatarí:yo Yonteweyenhstáhkwa

Yontaweyà:tha Yeyonthyatonhseranyéhtha (Ontario University Application Centre).


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Students with the following qualifications will be considered for admission to this Advanced Standing Program:

Bachelor of Social Work degree from a university of recognized standing. Applicants must have at least a B (73%) standing in the final academic year of the BSW degree (equivalent of 10 half-year courses). For students completing their final year of undergraduate study, eligibility is determined on the basis of the last completed academic year at the time of application.

Academic background must include a half-credit course in research methodology. Students in the Aboriginal Field of Study do not require statistics

Evidence of paid and/or voluntary experience in human service field, awareness of contemporary social issues and social work values, demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, and motivation for a career as a professional social worker is assessed on the basis of application material

Although this program is open to students of all cultural backgrounds, candidates must also have some familiarity with the traditional wholistic healing approach and/or have used it in their practice. This will be demonstrated through a personal statement, references and an admission interview.

**The application deadline for the September 2019 MSW intake is April 1st, 2019. Both the FNTI AND Laurier applications must be completed by this deadline. Any applications received after this point will be considered for future intakes.

For more information contact our Recruitment Office at 1-855-359-3684 or email us at recruitment@fnti.net