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Program: Mental Health and Addictions Worker

Name/Spirit Name: Wendy Paudash

Community: Hiawatha First Nation

Teachings & Future Goals: This program has gifted me so much more than I ever imagined. I was able to learn who I was and where I come from, with that I gained a purpose and understanding of the lessons I have learned along the way. I have a better understanding of the barriers and struggles that occur within the mental health and addictions field and I am better knowledged in walking next to those Spirits, providing support along the way.  I was connected to Spirits who have brought me learnings and teachings, ones from their souls and ones needed to be able to best support one, in a more western way. I was gifted friendships that provide support to me, as I grow, enhancing my ability to support others. I received life altering teachings, giving me pride and allowing me to be the Spirit my Creator intended me to be. This gift cannot be measured, or explained as it continues to give me insight each day. Knowing who you are and what your life can be, allowed a freedom of the self. I saw me, in a different way and understood my connection to this place, to my people and to my Creator. I walk with pride in the life I have lived and who I have become. I look forward to who I will be and with gratitude thank my Creator for all the blessings he has gifted to me. This life would be happening at this moment without FNTI and the Staff who work within. The encouragement, support, patience and teachings were key to the learning of who I am today and the gifts I can now implore. The love, compassion and empathy provided healings that allowed for a better life, one with more gratitude and understanding.  These knowledge keepers and professors will always be remembered with respect and honour, chi miigwetch for teaching me to love me and better love others.  I proudly accepted a title known as the “NNDAP Worker” for a respectable community.