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FNTI Testimonials

What They Are Saying About FNTI...

"The learning environment at FNTI is very conducive to learning, in a more traditional way."

"There isn't the degree of competition amongst the students. We're very helpful to each other; we chat; and we're already decent friends, in the first year. The instruction as far as flight school and academics is very good. There is a low student to instructor ratio. Our classes are very small, 6-8 students per class. It's a rounded education, not just flight school. You can go many places and go to flight school to learn how to fly a plane and get your certificate but you also learn the language here, learn how to read, do math and science as well as flight school. That's what employers are looking for; a well rounded individual that has command of the language, who can think for themselves and on top of all that, be a pilot."

Kevin Sack
Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
First Year, Aboriginal Fixed Wing Pilot Program

"FNTI has changed my life by providing opportunity for higher learning in a way that meets my needs."

"They are an institute that understands and believes in me and shares in each of my successes. It is a place where I am able to be myself in all of my beautiful Indigenousness."

Sheila Desjarlais
Student, Public Administration and Governance Program

"The unique delivery methods utilized by FNTI and Ryerson in developing the Public Administration Program has enabled me to continue my employment and earn an undergraduate degree in a culturally appropriate program area delivered by fantastic faculty. I view this as a positive initiative that will prove to be essential to the successful administration of First Nation governments in the future."

Joanne Smoke
Alderville First Nation
Executive Director, Ogemawahj Tribal Council
2005 Graduate, Public Administration and Governance


"The Indigenous Community Health Approaches Program is the most realistic and common sense program I've taken. It promotes wellness and culture. It's great because it answers questions about our relationship to the outside world. As an Indigenous person I constantly question my purpose and this program provides me with answers. It provides me with the basis to move forward. "

April White
RN Program Manager Holistic Health & Wellness Akwesasne Department of Health
Current Student, Indigenous Community Health Approaches Program

"FNTI has attained what many aboriginal institutions are striving to develop."

"It is the first institution I have encountered that has successfully held the vision of and integrated Haudenosaunee ways of knowing with mainstream educational programs. This has enabled First Nations people to pursue semi-professional and professional careers within an environment that promotes their cultural heritage. For First Nations educators it has supported the hope that our future generations can be schooled in both ways of knowing, thus strengthening our societies and communities. Students leave FNTI full in the knowledge of their ancestors as well as developing mainstream skills."

Brenda LaFrance, MA, BA, RN
FNTI Curriculum Developer and Health and Environment Program Management Committee Advisor

"For twenty years I have had the privilege of working with FNTI's program managers, faculty and staff on a variety of educational programs, projects and conferences. I can attest first hand to the highly qualified and capable staff at the institute and the culturally relevant programs they deliver. 

FNTI has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the field of wholistic learning, adult education and prior learning assessment (to name a few)... I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from and to work with the staff of FNTI and I hope to continue my association with them for many years to come."

Mark Gallupe
Professor , Loyalist College

"I have been participating in the language program on and off for years. It has helped me to speak Mohawk at the dinner table of friends who are trying to raise their children with as much of the language as possible. It has enabled me to include Mohawk quotations in a book I have been editing on traditional teachings. Several of the program's staff have helped immensely with this project. In summary, I believe the language program is essential for keeping this beautiful language and its unique worldview alive. Nyawen/I thank you."

Lesley Forrester
Former student, Mohawk Language Program

"My experience as an FNTI student was more than I'd ever hoped it could be. The personnel were professional and the instructors extremely knowledgeable, passionate about their topic, and very dedicated. I would highly recommend this program to any one looking for an education with a difference and quality instructors. The experience will not only benefit your resume but also your self confidence. I never thought I'd be able to complete it, but I put my heart into it and through sheer perseverance successfully completed the entire program."

Lorna Bell
Garden River First Nation
PAG Degree Graduate: 2007


"FNTI has formed a partnership with Ryerson allowing Aboriginal students the opportunity to receive university accreditation through a distance delivery mode. Many Aboriginal students are in communities that are so remote that the opportunity for a university education is not available and FNTI has assisted and come up with creative solutions to meeting the needs of many different Aboriginal students while allowing them to continue working while progressing towards obtaining a degree. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK FNTI."

Laurie Marsden
Alderville First Nation
PAG Graduate: Level 1 2001