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Have questions? Contact FNTI and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Main: 613.396.2122

Toll-Free: 1.800.267.0637

Recruitment Inquiries: 613.396.2122, ext. 156 or recruitment@fnti.net


President's Office

Suzanne Brant
President - suzanne@fnti.net, ext.167

Christine Perry
Executive Assistant to the President - christine@fnti.net, ext.148

Cathie Stewart Findlay
Director - Government Relations and Communication - cathief@fnti.net, ext.124



Adam Hopkins 
Senior Vice-President, Academic - adamh@fnti.net, ext.151

Janet Kring
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Vice-President, Academic - janetk@fnti.net, ext.145

Lorrie Whalen
Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice-President, Academic & Academic Dean - lorriew@fnti.net, ext.181

Kevin Ka’nahsohon Deer
Director - Indigenous Knowledge, Quality Teaching and Learning Excellence - kevind@fnti.net, ext.147

Marilyn Plunkett
Academic Dean, Partnership Programs - marilynp@fnti.net

Alanna Maracle
Programs Coordinator - alannam@fnti.net, ext.162

Ashley Maracle
Academic Dean, Standalone Programs - ashleym@fnti.net

Caleb McEwen
Executive Assistant, Standalone Programs - calebm@fnti.net

Susan Wilks 
Educational Developer, Transitions - susanw@fnti.net, ext. 208  

Shannon Butcher
Programs Coordinator - shannonb@fnti.net, ext. 208

Beth Lafay
Programs Coordinator - bethl@fnti.net

Blaine Loft
Program Advisor - blainel@fnti.net

Tayohseron:tye, Nikki Auten
Faculty - Stand Alone Programs - nikkia@fnti.net 

Betty Carr-Braint
BISW Instructor - bettyc@fnti.net 

Betty Katsitsiase Maracle
Cultural Advisor - bettym@fnti.net, ext. 207

David Jock
Cultural Advisor - davidj@fnti.net, ext. 207

Christine Hodgkinson
Placement Coordinator - christineh@fnti.net

Alicia Pepall
Placement Coordinator - aliciapepall@fnti.net 


Corporate Services

Donna Silver-Smith
Vice-President, Corporate Services - donnas@fnti.net, ext. 134

Susan Maracle
Chief Financial Officer -
susanm@fnti.net, ext. 127

Allyssa Maracle
Operations Officer, Finance - finance@fnti.net, ext. 132

Jennifer Brant
Operations Officer, Finance - finance@fnti.net, ext. 132

Samantha Souliere 
HR Manager - samanthas@fnti.net

Vanessa Cheechoo
HR Assistant -

Randy Maracle 
Manager, Facilities and Maintenance - randym@fnti.net, ext. 131

Dustin Brant
Facilities & Maintenance Lead - dustinb@fnti.net, ext. 153

Sherry Doreen
Facilities Assistant - sherryd@fnti.net 


I.T. Services

Greg Turriff
Manager, System and Support - gregt@fnti.net, ext.130

Mark Loft
Information Technologist - markl@fnti.net, ext. 126

Jamie Maracle
I.T. Analyst - jamiem@fnti.net

Jeff McConkey 
eLearning Technician - jeffm@fnti.net  


Enrolment Management & Student Services

Shari Beaver
Vice President, Enrolment Management and Student Services - sharib@fnti.net, ext.146

Sarah Mignault
Registrar - sarahm@fnti.net, ext.137

Annette Maracle
Registrar Assistant - annettem@fnti.net, ext. 138

Jennifer Low
Financial Aid/Records Clerk - jenniferl@fnti.net, ext.139

Abbey Pepall
Pathways Coordinator - abbeyp@fnti.net

Kayla Cobbett
Director, Student Success and Service Delivery - kaylac@fnti.net, ext.122

Kristin Maracle
Student Success Facilitator - kristinm@fnti.net, ext.189

Tracey Maracle
Student Success Facilitator - traceym@fnti.net, ext. 140

Julie Brant
Student Success Facilitator - julieb@fnti.net, ext.136

Saarah Syed
Student Success Facilitator - saarahs@fnti.net 

Sarah Bear 
Student Success Facilitator - sarahb@fnti.net 

Colin Maracle
Student Success Facilitator - colinm@fnti.net 

Colleen Cremer
Student Success Facilitator - colleenc@fnti.net 

Lise Rouleau
Student Success Facilitator - liser@fnti.net  

Ashley Ceretti
Student Success Facilitator - ashleyc@fnti.net 

Zandra Bear-Lower
Student Success Facilitator - zandrabl@fnti.net  

Spencer Isaac
Learning Strategist - 


Marketing and Recruitment 

Marketing and Recruitment Department 
ext. 156, recruitment@fnti.net

Jessica Charette 
Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Community Partnerships - jessicac@fnti.net, ext. 150

Brandi Akey
Enrolment and Liaison Coordinator - brandia@fnti.net , ext. 141

Jordan Maracle
Digital Marketing Coordinator - jordanm@fnti.net  

Matthew McDowell
Manager, Data Collection and Institutional Analysis - matthewm@fnti.net, ext. 146

Julie Dam
eLearning Trainer/Developer - julied@fnti.net 


First Peoples' Aviation -- Flight

Jo-Anne Tabobandung
Dean of Aviation - joannet@fnti.net, ext. 226  

Pete Millar 
Chief Flight Instructor - peterm@fnti.net, ext. 253

Brendan Phillips 
Flight Instructor - brendanp@fnti.net, ext. 254

Geoffrey Huston 
Flight Instructor - geoffh@fnti.net

Kelvin Lau
Flight Instructor - kelvinl@fnti.net

Nahiyan Haq
Flight Instructor 

Daniella Petitti
Flight Instructor - daniellap@fnti.net 

Samuel Baril 
Flight Instructor - samuelb@fnti.net 

Ali Erkaslan 
Flight Instructor - alie@fnti.net 

Doug Leadbeater 
Director, Aircraft Maintenance Operations - dougl@fnti.net, ext. 288

Dwayne Kunz 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer -
 dwaynek@fnti.net, ext. 201

John Mersereau 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer -

Kimberly Maracle
Flight Dispatcher - kimberlym@fnti.net, ext. 206

Kyle Guzzo 
Flight Dispatcher - kyleg@fnti.net, ext. 206

Tsiokeriio Hagen 
Student Success Facilitator - diiob@fnti.net (Parental Leave)

Stephanie Barberstock
Student Success Facilitator


Tontakaiê:rine Tyendinaga Justice Circle     

Mark Brinklow 
Manager of Indigenous Court Services & Restorative Justice - markb@fnti.net, 613-827-5695

Stephen Green 
Youth Justice Worker - stepheng@fnti.net, 613-438-6514

Mike Ferrante 
Adult Diversion Worker - mikef@fnti.net, 613-438-2040

Crystal Haight 
Gladue Aftercare Worker - crystalh@fnti.net, 613-438-6967

Ryder Sager
Gladue Writer - ryders@fnti.net, 613-438-4674

Johanna Webb
Gladue Aftercare Worker - johannaw@fnti.net, 613-847-3711

Nicole Trumble (On Leave)
Gladue Writer (Kingston) - nicolet@fnti.net 

Anna Johnson
Gladue Writer - annaj@fnti.net, 613-438-5096

Nicole Storms
Youth Justice Worker - nicolestorms@fnti.net

Britta Gaddes
Gladue Writer - brittag@fnti.net 

Jamie Maracle-Abreu
Aftercare Worker - jamiea@fnti.net